Best SEO Keyword Tools for 2019

Optimising each aspect of a website takes time, effort and knowledge, but having the best tools certainly makes it much easier. Those working with SEOs would know keywords are the most important part of the process. It relates directly to the search engine and allows users to find your site by searching for certain things.

Keywords don’t just relate to the text content of the page, but many other aspects as well. It’s important to have the best and most relevant keywords with pictures, videos and other forms of content on each page. Only after that can other aspects such as sire UI, meta titles and descriptions and other factors be considered.

With the wrong tools, keywords are the worst as your site never seems to reach rankings with popular searches. It’s important to have the info regarding each keyword, including the number of searches and other details that make them valuable. Having the right keywords is the first step to creating a page as your content, headings, text and everything else revolves around it. Let’s have a look at some of the best keyword tools available to take your site to the next level in 2019.

Google’s Keyword Planner

What better place to get keywords than the search engine that collects all the details and ranks your site? Google Keyword Planner is linked directly to Google Ad Words and provides detailed information regarding they keywords you need. The best part of it all, it’s 100% free and offers pricing information about the top of page bids along with additional filtering options.
Since this is Google’s keyword program, it wouldn’t provide any aid with keyword planning for other engines, meaning if you’re optimising for Yahoo, Bing or one of the other search engines, you’ll need to use a different tool.


For the most past, LongTailPro offers the same features as other programs on the list, but they include an interesting range of other features while also delivering remarkable details about each keyword you’re considering. One of the most impressive features is the competition checker that offers the best possible keywords relating to your search.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

Ranked as one of the most popular, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer offers an excellent range of details relating to keywords you need for the best possible rankings. Each keyword offers extensive information from clickstream data, which is presented with graphs and all the info you’ll find with the Google tool mentioned above. The great thing is, it offers various search engines and has a trial period for seven days at a low rate of just $7.


As one of the fastest growing SEO tools, KWFinder is one of the best tools you can choose. They are primarily focused on keyword information, allowing users to obtain details about the keywords instead of other information not relating to the keywords you need. It provides search details, CPC prices and includes ranking details and much more. The free version is available, offering five searches per day.