Creating an SEO Optimized Landing Page

The point of a website is to be discovered, whether it’s a private site for a closed group, a major site for online selling or just a private blog with some paid advertising. There’s always a point to having a website, which for businesses, blogs, descriptive sites and many others means appearing at the top of search engines, allowing clients to find you, new business to flow in and for readers to visit your site and boost your earning.

So, what is a landing page all about and why is it important to have it optimised for search engines? Well, your homepage/landing page is all about what your website, business, blog or personal site is all about. If you’re creating a site that only for private groups that receive a link upon joining, well then SEOs wouldn’t have any benefit. However, for just about all other purposes, your landing page tells visitors what they can expect to find on the site, what it’s all about and how it would benefit them. Of course, it would also include a few links to other pages, interesting headings and great content that offers real value.

While all of that might seem easy and straightforward, when it comes to SEO you’ll find each of those headings and pieces of content are very important and need to link up with the best keywords to help your site reach higher rankings.

What is SEO?

To understand the basics of an SEO landing page, we need to start with the basics and look at SEO by itself. Search Engine Optimization is what search engines such as Google use to find relevant pages to what you’ve typed into the search bar.

Therefore, let’s say you want your site to be found when someone searches for “marketing”, you’d need to optimise your content to reflect marketing. Not only does it need to appear in your meta titles and descriptions, but in titles and the content as well. Of course, people could also search for advertising, which is the same as marketing, but a different keyword, meaning if your site only revolves around marketing, those searching for advertising won’t find you.

SEO Landing Page

As you can see, it’s not all that easy creating a page that covers just about all aspects of your business, which is why your landing page has to be optimized for search engines.
Once you discover the possibilities of keywords and how often they are searched, you’ll quickly find that some phrases or words might provide better results for your site. These are the words you’d want to use in your content. However, you also wouldn’t want to repeat the word or phrase as often as possible as Google sees these kinds of things as poor content quality.

Instead, you’ll want to space it out well and create valuable content that covers various areas. For example, you’ll have some areas covering marketing while other areas focus on advertising. You’ll create headings based on the keywords, which might include phrases such as “best online marketing”. Also, remember that text isn’t the only form of content as pictures and videos also offer great advantages for higher rankings. Be sure to describe the videos well and include alt texts with pictures, so search engines know what they consist of.