The Standard and effective SEO website process

SEO is the core of success with internet marketing. If you take SEO seriously, make a plan for a few years. However, you can also cause confusion, if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Conducting SEO is like fixing a broken car. First of all, you should find out which parts are ready to fix.

You should know that SEO does not create magic and you can not climb to the top of Google after only one night. First, you need to take the time to build an organized SEO campaign and you need the right tools to successfully conduct SEO. In this article, I will mention the 6-step SEO process to help you put your website on the first rank of Google.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Let’s enter the competitor’s website url into Google. Review the title of the homepage (appears in the browser window) to find keywords. Then look at the code of the page (using Ctrl + U). You will find keywords in meta tags and meta descriptions (description tags); This is the easiest way to find keywords used by competitors.

In this step, you need to analyze carefully before choosing keywords for SEO. Avoid SEO cases to top 1 certain keywords and then realize that from there do not bring visits nor bring economic value. In addition, it is necessary to carefully analyze to avoid having too difficult keywords on the top. You should prioritize SEO keywords to expand to the top first and then SEO main keywords.

Tip: If you invest heavily in SEO and want to be successful, Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns are one of the best tools for keyword analysis. Google Adwords helps track traffic and conversion rates. However, when analyzing more closely based on results from Google Adwords, you find that the word has a low conversion rate.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SEO

To see how strong your competitors are and also to learn and follow their strengths you need to analyze the top 10 competitors in the top 10. The higher the index, the more qualified and highly reputable the website is, which means that the pages linked from the website with a high PR index will be appreciated and can rank higher. . But by the beginning of 2014, Google had abandoned the Pagerank index. So no one knows if it is still important in SEO.

If most of the links to the site don’t contain your keywords, do a link building campaign and get links that have a string that represents multiple keywords. However, don’t forget that internal links on the site are also important. You are free to create internal links between pages in your site, so use keywords here intelligently.

The SEO Onpage Techniques 2019

One of the most important factors contributing to the victory of SEO activity is SEO Onpage. SEO Onpage is an activity to optimize the website content from which to make the site more intimate with Google, this is an extremely important foundation that you need to know before implementing SEO.

Currently the Onpage SEO criteria have gradually changed over time and that also means that the techniques are also changing. With the information on SEO Onpage technology in 2019 below, please consult carefully to help me get the standard SEO website and easily get to the top 1.

Currently the Onpage SEO criteria have gradually changed over time and that also means that the techniques are also changing. With the information on SEO Onpage technology in 2019 below, please consult carefully to help me get the standard SEO website and easily get to the top 1.

Currently in the age of Penguin 4.0, if you are too focused on building backlinks to a site without focusing on on-page SEO, then make sure you don’t get the results you want, and if so Your momentum may be halted by Google Penguin.

You can understand simply, that if a singer himself has a good voice, hard training for a long time, the famous problem will be extremely simple, just if they have a few chances to have can be done. But if you were a vocal singer with nothing outstanding or even bad, then there was no way of promoting it.

So is Seo, just need to focus on creating valuable content that is really useful for users, especially mastering SEO Onpage techniques, I’m sure you will succeed.

Below I would like to share to you the onpage 2019 SEO techniques with the factors that are evaluated and ranked most important, please read the following content to get yourself the most useful knowledge offline! Maybe these techniques may be familiar to you but not that you don’t need to care.

What is Traffic? The importance of traffic for SEO

Traffic is a very familiar term in seo world in particular and in online marketing in general. This is considered an important indicator to assess whether your SEO strategy is successful or not. In addition, it also plays an important role in ranking websites with standing Google TOP. So what is traffic? Use this index for how effective it is in SEO. Let’s find out in this article.

In SEO, traffic is used to mean traffic between websites. Higher traffic is also a signal that helps you get good results in your SEO process.

Traffic is calculated for the entire website and the value of traffic will increase every time a user clicks on another website to access any page in the site. Thus, we can treat the traffic of a website as the total number of sessions of that website. The increase in traffic is also the goal that SEO experts as well as some self-study SEOs are aiming for.

Whenever SEO keywords are any, SEOer also need to set goals for traffic for their SEO work, that whether this keyword has after SEO has brought about how much traffic. The expectation of investors about the traffic that this keyword brings is the potential traffic index of that keyword. With each different keyword, we have a different potential traffic.

After finding the average monthly search traffic, SEO experts need to calculate the percentage of users who search for that keyword click on the website through the search rankings. Then, get the rate we just found multiplied by the number of secondary searches. Monthly average to value potential traffic for a keyword.

Traffic is one of the leading indicators in SEO and is also the goal of experts who are learning SEO. So, what is good for SEO traffic? Refer from top SEO experts as well as those who have worked for a long time with SEO, saying that there are many roles in determining website rankings.

ASO – Search optimization on the app store

ASO is the optimal process of the elements shown on the application store. Based on ASO, an application or mobile game can maximize the appearance in search results, increase the ability to download and improve location on the repository. ASO is similar to SEO but the difference is that SEO is applied in the web environment and ASO is applied in app stores like Google Play or Apple AppStore.

ASO is very important for mobile applications. More than 60% of the current installation comes from search behavior. However, most developers currently do not invest in research about ASO has chosen the keyword. And only when the step to send the application to the store they write the product introduction.

As a result, most applications are hidden and difficult to detect by users. Although it is not possible to put games and applications straight to top 25 like PR-Marketing, but if invested, ASO can help increase downloads and revenue from 2-10 times, very suitable for independent developers. or have products for niche markets. The difficulty of ASO lies in that it is not a simple and effective tool that ASO brings cannot be speedy after a night.

On Google Play, game naming is nothing special. But on Apple AppStore, the game name is displayed in two forms: App Name and Bundle Display Name. App Name is how the game name will appear on the app store, but the Bundle Display Name is the way the game name is displayed under the icon on iPhone or iPad devices.

A normal App Name field can be up to 255 characters long, but in search results it only displays up to 25 characters. With the Bundle Display Name, the game name is only allowed to be under 11 characters long. If longer, the game name will automatically be cut off. Besides the icon, the game name is also a factor that affects deeply the traffic volume, affecting the ability to switch players, so when naming the game, the most expensive and most descriptive words must be put on the top.

The most important thing in SEO is still content

I wrote this article without implying that I would argue with anyone about this issue, but I will give some views that are completely opposite to protecting the content of my opinion.

You often pay attention to off page as backlink, but with search engines, the backlink is not what determines your rankings. I find that over 80% of the time you do SEO is usually to build links, the remaining 20% ​​to build content and other things.

You often pay attention to off page as backlink, but with search engines, the backlink is not what determines your rankings. I find that over 80% of the time you do SEO is usually to build links, the remaining 20% ​​to build content and other things.

Onsite is the time that users visit your website and stay there for a period of time. Usually this time is as high as possible. Below is the onsite time on website, the average user posts more than 1 minute to read the content.

If your content is unattractive, the focus may be low and pages with lower onsite time than competitors mean you will lose the opportunity to outmaneuver your competitors on the search page.

Your content does not keep readers on the page for a long time, but it causes users to click on another page, it is still rated as a good content page. However, in many projects I do, the ranking of the page that is convertible is not higher than the ranking of a long onsite page.

In order to get conversion capabilities in the page you have to create good and internal content that matches the context so that users click the most naturally. Don’t use tricks to navigate users they don’t want.

Bounce rates associated with low onsite time will be a sign for google to know your content is not very good. Suppose you search on google a keyword, go to the first page to read the first few lines feel unsatisfied, click back and click on the second result and stay there longer, this proves the content of the site two better. However, it is not only your own session that it will average on all sessions.

You have been right about Content Marketing

With the rise of “content marketing”, terms such as Content Markeitng, Copywriting, Creative Content … are increasingly used popularly. The concept of that has existed for a long time, since the economy appeared so called Marketing, Copywriting was born in parallel. Content Marketing is a very popular term in the last few years, many people use “Content Marketing” to refer to any activity that uses “content“.

Misinterpreting concepts and misuse of circumstances is not merely a literary error, but it will make the design of marketing campaigns misleading, lack of direction, consistency, thereby making activities Marketing activities become less effective.

Many people find it difficult to differentiate these terms, and some view it as just a change of call, but the nature of these concepts is one. This ambiguity is completely understandable, since these concepts all work with “content”, which appear in all Marketing, Media and Brand activities. These are distributed free of charge to customers, and those who do these jobs have a lot of common skills and qualities required.

So where does Content Marketing stand in this mess? Simple and understandable, Content Marketing is “Copywriting” content or PR, more clearly, it is “content” that does not directly refer to brand or product. Or another definition can say this: “Content marketing is about creating relevant, engaging, interesting and valuable content.”

Activities that create useful, interesting and business-related content have never been so effective. This is due to the explosion of social networks and search engines, two tools that help content be published and reach customers. The development of these two Internet tools creates a series of new marketing tools and channels using the content of Content Marketing, which we call Internet Marketing.

Content Marketing entices people to follow your social networking sites. It makes Google put your content on top 1, Content Marketing stimulates people to open your Email and click on links. It also makes people We voluntarily share your content everywhere, Content Marketing creates positive emotions about the brand even though they have not used products yet, Content Marketing makes customers voluntarily find you the most naturally.

Great marketing ideas for gym, fitness center

Marketing introduction is one of the best marketing ideas for your gym to find new customers easily. Current members will be able to market, introduce your fitness center to family, friends, relatives, etc. if guided and encouraged to do so. Give rewards to stimulate them to call new members to join. It is possible to consider giving away free 1-week vouchers for rewards.

Most people like to try free things. Therefore, allow people to visit your gym and experience the facilities and equipment completely free for a certain period of time. You can apply the “free training” program to all new members or select participants by holding a small contest on social networks. Plan and have a promotion program at least 1 month in advance. Note, please ask attendees to fill out the forms to collect their personal information.

This marketing idea not only attracts people to your gym but also an opportunity for you to promote your image, show off your strengths. Once the customer has seen firsthand and fully experience the benefits of the tools and equipment in the free gym, it is easy to register as a member.

The process of training to achieve efficiency should be accompanied by a reasonable, scientific diet. But not everyone has enough knowledge to design a proper menu for you. Therefore, providing advice, materials related to nutrition eating will be a marketing idea for a great gym.

This not only helps your gym to attract the attention of customers but also supports members to train more effectively. And of course if they get good results, they will continue to register as a long-term member in your center.

You can also refer to the science that has put the nutritious meal plan into the content of the articles on your website with simple design, easy to understand. You can do the same thing on the website or fanpage of your center. Note, it is necessary to post content regularly and periodically to create a habit of monitoring weekly / monthly for readers.

The importance of content in website building

Content marketing includes all marketing activities and focuses on creating and sharing information. It is part of a successful SEO strategy, and it also contributes a lot to branding. The idea of ​​Content Marketing is sharing valuable information is a great way to attract readers and build brands. Blogging is one of the most quality ways to market content.

Sharing valuable information is the essence of content marketing. Your audience will evaluate the content you share and will see you and your company as an expert in a specific field. Finally, that’s the reason why people will buy your product or service.

Writing content is an important aspect of SEO. Google read your article, index the text and rank it. If your content marketing is good, you will have a lot of copy articles from competitors or readers will copy. And your website will stand out more and more often, when you write more content on the website.

Overall, your rankings will increase when you start writing Content marketing. And, all these visitors are potential buyers. Therefore, in addition to increasing traffic, Content marketing can also increase your sales. Remember to think about the basic content when you set up a new content marketing strategy.

You should have about 4 or 5 quality articles for you, your company and your audience (that usually is Landing Page articles). These articles should be your service articles. When you have written these articles , You should write as many other articles as possible on other websites but with the same topics as the articles and link them back.

Making good Content will help you sell more goods, more people care about you, your program is more professional and wonderful, or even the life skills of You also increased markedly. The more you write, the better your language will be, your vocabulary will increase, and the vocabulary and usage of that language will help you speak, communicate better, things. That means you will have more relationships, more opportunities.

What skills does SEO need

SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the biggest differences of Online Marketing. The effect of SEO is probably many of us have understood too well, this article will mention another aspect, that is SEOer, but people still work hard every day to bring your website closer to customers. So what skills are needed to become a good SEOer with dozens, even hundreds of top keywords?

“Content is King”, this is the catchphrase of any SEOer at the present time. Why is it so affirmed? Because the job of SEO is to put keywords related to your website or business sector to rank high in the ranking of search pages. In order to do this, the website must be evaluated by high quality search sites, so the content on the website needs a huge number of views.

It is for this reason that an SEOer wants to succeed, first of all, to create content that draws the attention of the reader. Maybe you do not write well and profoundly like the literary people, but you are the best person who understands the website so you will have better orientation.

Having a king can not lack the queen next, and in the SEO world, “Link is Queen”, linking quality with good content will create a pair of matches enough to scan all search pages even in any field. So right after creating impressive content, the next thing that SEOer needs to do is build a backlink system pointing to your website. The more quality backlinks, the greater the website’s reputation, the higher the rankings will be.

If you want to create a good backlink, it must depend on how SEOer works, see if they have found any forums, social pages to share links, see how the link contains quality, and very much weak. another factor. This is why after content, what SEOer is indispensable is the ability to build backlinks.

Self-improvement of SEO techniques for yourself

Understanding SEO, to be a good Seo maker, can be a challenging process, but it is not impossible. Consider the following steps, and you can start with it. One thing you should remember, SEO changes every day. Therefore, it will not be a time to tell you, when to start, that means when you have to apply and upgrade Seo tips.

If you have time and money, you should take a beginner course, from basic to advanced. However, if you don’t have the money, or don’t have the time, you’re learning about it yourself. I recommend starting by finding a rich source of Seo knowledge for beginners, or participating in SEO seminars.

This resource will provide you with a solid foundation in basic principles and techniques as a basis for good search engine optimization practices. When you feel confident, put theory into practice, you can search for more advanced programs, to improve your skills even further.

You have read a lot about theory and now is the time to apply theory to reality. Learning Seo from theory is like learning to drive on a book. And you will have a big difference between reading and working on real work. If you really want to learn SEO, then you don’t just follow the approach of others. Instead, you need to practice implementing them on your own websites.

Although Seo in theory and practice is also somewhat different, there is only one thing to learn thoroughly such as optimization of title tags, description of meta tags. And when doing it, it will help you better understand Seo, and help you optimize your website more effectively.

For Seo, there is no better method of learning than your own practice on your site. In order to improve Seo techniques, you should find a consultant who has gone before and they have done Seo very well. Because they will provide you with useful tips on optimization, and experience to improve your skills.