You have been right about Content Marketing

With the rise of “content marketing”, terms such as Content Markeitng, Copywriting, Creative Content … are increasingly used popularly. The concept of that has existed for a long time, since the economy appeared so called Marketing, Copywriting was born in parallel. Content Marketing is a very popular term in the last few years, many people use “Content Marketing” to refer to any activity that uses “content“.

Misinterpreting concepts and misuse of circumstances is not merely a literary error, but it will make the design of marketing campaigns misleading, lack of direction, consistency, thereby making activities Marketing activities become less effective.

Many people find it difficult to differentiate these terms, and some view it as just a change of call, but the nature of these concepts is one. This ambiguity is completely understandable, since these concepts all work with “content”, which appear in all Marketing, Media and Brand activities. These are distributed free of charge to customers, and those who do these jobs have a lot of common skills and qualities required.

So where does Content Marketing stand in this mess? Simple and understandable, Content Marketing is “Copywriting” content or PR, more clearly, it is “content” that does not directly refer to brand or product. Or another definition can say this: “Content marketing is about creating relevant, engaging, interesting and valuable content.”

Activities that create useful, interesting and business-related content have never been so effective. This is due to the explosion of social networks and search engines, two tools that help content be published and reach customers. The development of these two Internet tools creates a series of new marketing tools and channels using the content of Content Marketing, which we call Internet Marketing.

Content Marketing entices people to follow your social networking sites. It makes Google put your content on top 1, Content Marketing stimulates people to open your Email and click on links. It also makes people We voluntarily share your content everywhere, Content Marketing creates positive emotions about the brand even though they have not used products yet, Content Marketing makes customers voluntarily find you the most naturally.