Is PPC Advertising Right for Your Small Business?

Is PPC Advertising Right for Your Small Business

Is PPC Advertising Right for Your Small BusinessMore or less anyone who’s spent any respectable amount of time on the internet probably knows what PPC (pay-per-click) is –a business books an advertising space on a site and pay a predetermined amount every time that their ad is clicked on by visitors.

It’s one of the internet’s oldest and most basic forms of advertising, and its simplicity makes it highly appealing to up-and-comers in a great variety of industries. For bloggers and other site-owners, it comes across as an easy and accessible way of monetising their online presence; while for owners of businesses, especially smaller or emerging ones, it feels like an affordable means of spreading awareness of your brand. After all, everyone’s online these days, aren’t they?

But as with any other form of advertising, you, as a business owner, need to consider whether advertising your business through PPC is worth the necessary investment.

Odds are that you’ve already started looking, and have found some website, or site-hosting service, that is offering you a spot for your PPC ads at an almost ludicrously low cost. But as is so often the case, the cost is often low simply because even that small payment is not worth it.

You’ve got to keep a number of things in mind with PPC advertising – the most important of which is that not every click is going to translate into a customer. A good portion of those clicks are going to be visitors who just want to check you out and decide that your business isn’t for them, or even folks who just clicked the link accidentally.

This isn’t to say that PCC ads are useless, of course – far from it. But you’ve got to keep in mind that you can’t just stop with buying that ad space. You’ve got to give your visitors a reason to keep going once they click on it. You’ve got to make sure that the page on your site that it brings them through builds upon whatever it was about that initial ad that made them click on it. Make it look appealing and accessible. Put across to them why they should consider becoming a client of yours, while at the same time avoiding making them feel as if they’ll be trapped into spending money if they keep clicking.

That initial paid click could be the seed that grows into a new customer; but only if you and your business are willing to do their part to encourage it.

And of course, you’ve also got to consider what sort of sites you’re paying for space on. Consider how many views they get, and whether those views are on any sort of upward trend. Consider what sort of site it is – is it the sort of place that your target market is likely to visit? And does it have the sort of content that’ll put them in mind of services like yours? You can’t just stick your name on any site and hope one of them will draw in the customers – you’ve got to be more precise than that.

No single form of advertising should be relied upon entirely to grow your business, and that applies to PPC advertising as much as anything else. But used properly, that investment could well serve as a strong boost to your company’s growth.