How many words does a SEO article have

The standard SEO articles are a form of content optimization articles according to searchers’ insights. When users search for this keyword on Google, your standard SEO articles will rank high in the search results page.

In order to say how many words SEO article, in fact in SEO does not have a specific standard of the number of words in a post, it is important to ensure the brevity and content of the article fully. And also depending on the type of article that stipulates how many words and sentences?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho words seo

Articles introducing regular products are less than 500 – 700 words long. Usually this article will often provide information about products and services to readers. At the same time, it also highlights the strengths and advantages of the product to help attract the attention and attention of customers.

Typically the type of article will link to about 200-500 words depending on each product or service that the writer wants to talk about. The reason the number of words in this article is less than the other articles is because the type of link article requires a large number of articles and must have diverse content.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho words seo

News articles, blogs are articles aimed at pulling links and diversifying information for the website while helping to increase the competitiveness of the web. Typically, these articles have a length of about 500 – 600 words with information revolving around the services and web products that bring. Therefore, these articles play an important role in the process of Top Top of the website.

Above is the answer to the standard SEO article question how many words? And the above information is for reference only, do not pay too much attention to the length of the article you write is long. A good standard SEO article is one that provides enough content for users, to be brief, concise. Wish you have successful SEO articles.