The role of article heading in SEO

SEO is a process that requires businesses or seo who always spend a lot of time and note many stages. In that article headline is the factor seoer attaches importance to seo to bring high efficiency. So, what is article heading, follow our post to clarify.

In order to answer what article heading is, we will bring you the most understandable concept for you. The first is the article is the term to refer to a single article on a blog or website.

Article heading có vai trò rất lớn đối với tiến trình seo website

Each content on the website must be focused on the content, information and sentences that appeal to readers. If possible, you need to give a new perspective on a specific topic you are aiming to write. To inform article content both provide information and create valuable points and attract readers.

These three tags are heavily used in website optimization. Specifically, it is used to emphasize the content of the main as well as the topics that the writer always wants to target for his article.

To make it easier for you to imagine, we will give the following example: if you are reading a book, the H1 tag is the title of the book. The remaining tags are the title of each chapter and article.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Article heading

If there are smaller entries in the book, they are smaller and more detailed tags. Therefore, through the card display in the lesson you will know which is the title, which is the small and detailed items.

To better understand what article heading is, you can learn more about its role in web SEO. In each article, the H1 tag has the most important role among the heading tags. H1 tags are the first invitation to searchers, so SEO investment businesses are very focused and never overlook it.

In particular, the Googlebot search engine will pay attention to the words used in the H1 tag. Besides, the H1 tag must also contain a basic description of the page content, keywords like meta title.